When a number of plans are drawn up and one is also done with all sort of paperwork then a homeowner’s renovation is all set to take place. But before one even starts to remove any sort of plaster or began to knock down their walls, it is not only the “mortar” or bricks that one needs to think about. Remodeling houses mostly the old ones do involve some sort of risks and these are not only physical risks.

Health risks that are associated with any sort of renovation can pop up at any time and they can turn into serious threats to an individual’s life too. Home renovation companies Dubai do undertake a number of preventive measures in order to avoid all sorts of health hazards.

So, one should plan very carefully before the process of home renovation takes place. A number of health risks from which one should keep their loved ones safe during the process of home renovation are as follow.


It is a sort of fibrous material which has been used for the purpose of insulation. A few years back it was discovered that this material may cause deadly disease like cancer. So, one should be very careful if the renovation of such a house is being done which made use of asbestos. If such material has been used in the making of a particular house then one should not take the risk of removing it on their own. In this case, it is essential that an individual gets in touch with a professional.


It is another harmful material which has been used for many years for the renovation of a variety of houses. It is commonly used in a number of paint products. Lead has been used as a “protective covering” material too. But a number of researches have shown that it causes a variety of health issues which are life-threatening. It is in its most dangerous form when it is cracked or peeled.


An individual may be well aware of moisture which is left inside a particular wall. Due to dampness mold keeps on building up which results in spores. As a result of these spores, an individual may encounter different health problems. So, in order to protect one’s family members from all sorts of danger the help of a professional should surely be taken.

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