A Complete Guide on Padel Sport

A Complete Guide on Padel Sport

If you are playing padel Dubai, you must know the basic things, then read on. Padel is a tennis-like game that is played in doubles. A net separates the courts. The rules are quite similar to tennis, except it has a kick! There are many different padel players, so you should choose the right one for you. If you do not want to get discouraged after learning the rules, plenty of tutorials will show you the way.

Padel is played in doubles:

Padel is a racket-bearing sport that was introduced in 1969. While it is rapidly gaining popularity in other countries, the game is still largely unknown outside its native country. A court roughly one-third the size of a tennis court is used to play padel. Players serve the ball in tennis and use tennis balls, but the rackets are smaller and have small holes.

It is similar to tennis:

The rules of padel are very similar to tennis. Each team plays 15 games. The points are awarded by advantage or deuce. A team wins a set when it has won six games with a two-game advantage. If the teams are tied, they play a tie-break. If the score is 7-6, the team can continue playing. The game ends when the team with the highest number of points wins.

It is played on a court divided by a net:

The game is played with a padel racquet and a tennis ball and consists of two teams of two players each. The rules of padel are very similar to those of tennis, with each team serving underarm. A point is scored when the ball hits both sides of the net and strikes a wall before crossing it. A point is also scored if the ball hits both walls and lands in an opponent’s court.

It is a sport with no strings:

A racquet sport with no strings, padel is a great way to get your body in shape! Like tennis, it’s played on a court, but the surface is smaller and less demanding. The padel ball is slightly depressurized, and players use a paddle that resembles a larger ping pong paddle. The tennis balls have strings, but the padel balls are solid and don’t bounce as high. Padel courts are lined with AstroTurf, which dampens the bounce of the balls.