Legally allowed car tinting – here’s what you need to know!

The Dubai, UAE car tinting craze has grown tremendously over the last few decades. The laws and regulations of the Emirates fluctuated and there have been a number of conflicting interpretations of the law from a number of different players in the industry. This essay would aim to address the question “What is Dubai’s legal tinting percentage to eradicate confusion and save yourself from the fines?”

No extension can be made to vehicles including tinted reflective glass, within the limitations permitted by the Federal Traffic Law that specify a maximum amount of obscurity of 50% Visual Light Transmission (VLT) only for side and rear windows and not for front windows, in compliance with the Traffic Law and its enforcement Regulations. Strict laws regulate vehicle branding in Dubai and needs to be enforced firmly.

Please be mindful that although car glass can appear easily visible, most windows have factory shades of tint. If you want to figure out whether the darkness of your car windshield is legit, you should have a limit of 50 percent of both the factory glass and window tinting. Therefore, it is prudent to have a tint hue of the window that’s marginally lighter than 30%, so the overall darkness of the tint factory glass is less than or equivalent to 50%.

A fine of 500AED, in addition to a month’s confiscation, shall be paid for all individuals found in violation of the Tinting Regulations. The new regulation requires only 30% light-brown dye at the rear and side windows, although certain vehicles can exceed that if the owner has been previously approved by the traffic authorities.

The window shade allowed is 30 percent or lighter in the UAE, regardless of gender. The RTA or Dubai police for medical purposes have nevertheless been excluded from the law.

The efficacy of the window color in blocking heat radiation varies considerably according to the brand and the requirements. This is why car owners want to fit a higher-end window on their cars. 3M Crystalline is a high-quality window coloring that blocks up to 97% of infrarouge rays and 99.9% of UV rays.

As a Dubai driver, you must be mindful of the city’s regulations on car tinting to escape RTA trouble. Now that you know the solution for what is the legal percentage of car tinting in Dubai, you can now visit a reputable car service center and get it done!