Known pros of acupuncture and why should you take it

Is your body aching for some time and there seems to be no getting rid of it? If so, then you need to explore options for treating the pain as quickly as possible. Some patients may prefer one technique over another and it might work, but you should look for best acupuncture in Dubai as it will work efficiently. However, it is not as easy some of you might think. Your physician, the acupuncture expert will take into account many things before making sure that you are fit for the treatment. If not, then you will not be given the treatment. It is possible that the procedure will be delayed until you begin to feel healthy.

What will happen first?

In the first step, the physician will first make sure that there are no signs of any disease or chronic illness. With this in mind, the physician will examine you properly. He will examine your tongue, its shape, and color, and check the pulse. In addition, the physician will also take into account other examinations to ensure that you have no signs of illness. After complete satisfaction, the practitioner will go ahead with the treatment.


The frequency of treatment depends on the type of illness and how frequent the pain is. At times, the expert will provide one or two sessions and the patient begins to show signs of improvement, but that doesn’t happen always. There are cases where patients need at least one session a week and many sessions over several month periods. The frequency of sessions entirely depends upon the severity of pain and how the patient’s body reacts to the treatment. Keep in mind that your overall condition will be examined before and after each session. The expert will take caution even if you are perfectly alright.

What about Hijama?

It is an entirely different procedure that requires different conditions. Keep in mind that to receive Hijama, you don’t need to show signs of pain or illness, but the process will make your body immune to several diseases. Keep in mind that in this treatment, the experts will take a specific quantity of blood from the body. For those of you who don’t know, the human body gets fresh blood after every hundred days or so, which is when the old blood is thrown out of the body in several ways. The removal of dirty blood leaves only fresh blood in the body, which keeps it healthy. Look for quality hijama cupping therapy.