Kids are growing up and going through some emotional changes. They may get angry, sad and happy at unexpected times and it’s fine. But sometimes it’s hard to differentiate between the normal behaviour and anxiety disorders. A very fine line separates these two and it is important that every parent is aware of it.

Child psychologist Dubai have come up with a list of all those symptoms which parents need to look out for in their kids’ daily routine and notice if something unusual happens.


The first and obvious ones are the unusual eating habits which may lead to sleeping disorders such as waking up in the middle of the night due to scary nightmares or sometimes not sleeping at all. But the sleepless nights are another issue which may indicate to insomnia and other things, so make sure that you are well researched.

The other symptoms are something which will be very easy to notice if you are keeping a close eye. The behaviour of always being in the state of anger, not liking to interact with people or always having negative thoughts, letting the negativity get to them and getting into fights too often are all the things which give a clear red sign.

If the child is too young then you may notice their clinginess or them always wanting to be around you. You must not ignore these signs and let go that easily.

These symptoms can also vary from age to age. A younger child may be suffering from separation anxiety which explains their clinginess. On the other hand, an older one may be suffering from social anxiety which leads them to being negative and thinking negative about themselves and others as well.

Couple counselling dubai should be your first step to helping your child and getting them back to themselves because if you don’t take action on time, you will regret it later. Sometimes, some children don’t easily show the symptoms and that is the reason you must keep looking out for even the slightest detail.

You don’t have to worry much because there are several things that can help you in mental health care in your child, but most of all, you need to support them. Children are relaxed as long as they have the comfort of their parents along with them.