In this first evolving world, people do opt for art courses in Dubai and painting classes in Dubai for their kids during summer vacations. But in doing all this one may not be able to take proper care of their skin. Yes, this is true. 

There are a number of people who have been facing different skin problems. Some due to dry skin have dryness on their face while others due to oily skin may be facing troubles. People having oily skin have fewer wrinkle issues but they do have a greasy face and large pores too.

In today‚Äôs world in which we reside in there is so much pollution. People who do field work or work in offices are the ones who are much exposed to this pollution. Due to this pollution, a number of individuals face comedones which are commonly known as skin bumps. Oily skin people are more exposed to these skin bumps as compared to dry skin people. 

But there are a number of solutions to overcome oily skin problems and a few have been discussed below.

Face Wash

An oil-free face wash does wonders for oily skin. If one washes their face on a daily basis with a good face wash then problems related to oily skin can be overcome.

Oil-Free Food

If you really want to get rid of that oily skin then one should decrease their intake of oily food. One should eat more vegetables and fruits. 


One of the best remedies for oily skin is to exfoliate it. It helps in the removal of all sorts of dust particles and gives a glowing effect to your skin. This tip should be practiced on a daily basis. 


This is another solution for such a skin type which is oily. Exercise increases the flow of blood in the human body. As a result of this, the cells of the skin are nourished.


A toner also helps in the removal of oily skin. In this case, rose water can be used and it is an effective remedy for oily skin problems. By using it dust from your face is also eliminated. 

By adopting these tips one can get rid of oily skin so do try them and get your amazing oil-free skin back.