5 Things to know to set up a profitable business in the UAE

A lot of people seek professional help so they could know how to start business in UAE which has now become easy as many cities in the UAE including Dubai are encouraging business investors to establish their own businesses to boost foreign investment.

Dubai offers many investment opportunities to foreign investors so they could learn more about the potential business market and make their business more profitable in the UAE. 

Whether you’re thinking about the company formation in Dubai free zones or any free zones offered in the UAE, you need to know these 5 things to set up a profitable business in the UAE.

1. Get Acquainted

First and foremost step is to get acquainted with the rules and regulation of the UAE market. You need to know about basic formalities of starting your own business so you could avoid potential problems.

2. Partner up with a UAE national or local sponsor

A local sponsor or UAE National offers various business opportunities and enables the business startups to locate anywhere in the city according to their budget. They also help you with the registration process and charge annual fees.

3. Select a Free Zone

If you don’t want to take the help of a local sponsor, you can establish your business in one of the free zones in the UAE. However, there are some businesses that need to be registered with a local sponsor like retail stores and restaurants.

4. Select a Location

There are many locations to choose from especially in Dubai.  Make sure you select a location that is convenient and represents your business image in the best way. It shouldn’t cost you too much and at the same time fulfill all your business needs.

5. Visa and other requirements

It’s not difficult to get a visa for setting up a business in the UAE but the process could be lengthy and confusing. However, obtaining a visa is essential to run your business anywhere in the UAE.

Many business startups hire a business consultant to help them with such processes. A registration agent can even help you with other services like setting up a bank account or arranging an auditor for you. These agents are a team of experts that can assist you in registering your business legally with minimum hurdles.