Bags have very importance in our daily life and play a vital role all the time if you are in a school or going for a shopping or moving to another city no doubt having bag is really very important. By passing the time in modern life bags have key position in the lives but nowadays bags stand for some special reasons as well.

Bags and women are connected with each other its impossible for you to see any women without a bag, I it looks like that is made for each other. Bags have become a part of their lives because women can put lots of things in it like their money makeup kit, comb, mirror etc. having shoulder or hand bag is much important for them. They like to have different styles of bags that some time they have to show off their self. And even you can judge the women by the taste of her shoulder or hand bag. And you can say that its very loyal company for women to having a bags. Women love to buy leather bags because these bags are durable and look expensive. In UAE there are so many shops of leather bags and you can buy the bags of your own choice. Leather bag repair in Dubai is not so much hard, it’s easy to find the repair men.

Handbag term is appeared first time in 1900 and it was hand carry luggage bags which were for men first. Then new types of bags are introduced in the market which became popular in the women. These hand bags were so complicated, had internal locks, but after sometime hand bags evolve and manufacturer started to use animal skin.artifical elements and plant fibres to make handbags which got so much popular. These bags were beautiful and stylish and were so much durable. Size were different, style were different which was new thing for the people. Nowadays girls are using closets of purses, clutches, handbags, shoulder bags etc.

 Some designers introduced more designing bags and these bags play a vital role in women’s life. These bags have so much importance in fashion industry and becoming popular in the market. Actually most women cannot live without designer bags and don’t hesitate to pay for these bag even these bags are really expensive.

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