Trademark features of bullet proof cars

You must have seen many armored cars roaming the streets lately. But, have you ever thought about why people are showing interest in armored cars? Also, the trend of car armoring is also catching up lately. Part of that has to do with increasing demand of these type of cars. The ever deteriorating situation around the world is one of the reasons why people are looking to purchase bullet proof cars lately. Another concern is that crime rate on the high in many parts of the world, which is why people are looking to invest in armored cars. The demand is there and the companies are keeping up with it. Popularity is another reason why these cars are now favored by the masses more than other genres of cars. All this stacks up to one fact, the armored cars are here to stay. considering the ever deteriorating situation of crime, we may see more such cars at streets across the world. Interestingly, armored cars offer some unique features to customers, including the following:

Complete bullet proofing

An armored car is not partially armored. It is in fact completely armored from one bumper to another. This means that you can point a gun and fire at any position, but the car will stay prone to it. The bullet will bounce off the surface of the car. The armor plating is designed in a way that it has high density materials including metals and ceramics. The bullet cannot penetrate the materials due to high density and simply bounce of the surface.

Runflat tires

Unlike your normal car, an armored car is equipped with a special breed of tires. Typically called as runflat tires, these are drastically different from ordinary tires. You will notice that these tires are made from different materials and are not prone to puncture like ordinary tires do. Also, the tires provide extra life and are able to sustain explosions and bullet fire. Some tires are designed to take the vehicle to a safe zone many kilometers away when penetrated.


Another telltale feature in your armored car is that it has extra rugged suspension that is designed to handle rugged terrain without breaking. The extra weight of the vehicle can be sustained with ease even when it is climbing on hilly and off-road terrain.

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